A lady driving a Volkswagen Polo on the open road.
A lady driving a Volkswagen Polo on the open road.
A lady driving a Volkswagen Polo on the open road.

We Connect Plus

In-car information services
(previously known as Guide & Inform)

With the We Connect Plus, formally known as Guide & Inform, you will be better informed while driving. Get news that you are really interested in, search for exciting destinations in your area or programme your navigation system from the comfort of your own home. But that's not all that We Connect Plus can offer. You can see an overview of all the services here.1

The availability of the individual services may differ between countries and depends on the vehicle and equipment. You can find more information in the WeConnect app, at www.volkswagen.co.uk/myvolkswagen, model brochures and from your Volkswagen Retailer.


We Connect Plus features

Compatible with Discover Navigation infotainment system.

Online Traffic Information

Save yourself time and stress: With ‘Online Traffic Information’ you can keep a constant eye on the current traffic situation and thus avoid traffic jams in good time.

Destination Import

Send individual POIs to your vehicle’s navigation system before the journey even begins with ‘Destination Import’.

Online POI Search

The Online POI Search displays places in the area requested. These are downloaded from the Internet and are always up to date.


Don’t hear it from others. Select your own news feeds and import the latest stories from the customer portal to your Volkswagen.


With the ‘Weather’ function you have an insight into the latest weather conditions at your current location and destination while you are on the road. It even takes into consideration the expected time of arrival.

Fuel Info

The ‘Fuel Info’ search function gives you a fast overview of nearby filling stations, their opening times and current fuel prices.

Parking Info

The ‘Parking Info’ feature shows you free parking spaces in your area and also provides information on prices and opening times.

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